Twin Eagle 148/365

Twin Eagle came out in 1989, sometime in October…all I can think about is Iron Eagle now.
I wonder how Louie Jr is these days. He was in Toy Soldiers and that movie was badass.
Everyone in that movie was badass. Even Keith Coogan’s character.
Yeah, Twin Eagle everybody.

Twin Eagle is a vertically scrolling arcade style shooter. You control a helicopter, and need to earn points by shooting or bombing the various (and numerous!) enemies you’ll encounter. Planes, helicopters, tanks, anti-aircraft guns, foot soldiers, and more will all be trying to bring your mission to an abrupt end! Occasionally, you may find hostages when a building is destroyed; try to rescue as many of the hostages as you can to earn extra points. Your helicopter has the ability to pick up extra weapons. After destroying certain enemies, a power up will be left behind which can give you one of four different types of firepower (the regular machine gun, canon, two way fire, or missiles). Other power ups that can be found include bombs (which can be used to destroy everything on the screen), extra speed, and weapon power up (increases the capabilities of whatever type of weapon you currently have).”

Pick up your own copy here and don’t forget to check “Sold Items” before hitting up an auction.

This guy goes the distance.

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