Run For The Border!

Taco Bell is the champion of non burger Fast Food right?
I think that’s agreed upon by the masses.

I stand correct, by a dog, they are the champion of all Fast Food.

And now they’re offering a subscription plan now for $10 that includes one taco a day. First things first, you won’t get the almighty Cheesy Gordita Crunch but you can get a Supreme Doritos Taco which in my neighborhood is like $2.50 so 4 stops a month and then random free tacos.

The number one fast food piece.

I got it for a month and all it did was make me realise I do not go to Taco Bell four times a month. Now, I did this past month and certainly reaped the benefits of free tacos after the fourth purchase but I almost felt like I needed to get a taco as often as possible. I would swing by if I was out and around one and only order one taco. A few times they got an extra couple bucks but I had zero issue rolling up for a single.

I quickly noticed this subscription plan was not for me as I would waste the ten spot after a month or two. Who is it for and who would love it; College Kids. I went to college in Pittsburgh and lived in the South Side, when I moved in there was a Taco Bell/Pizza Hut/KFC which was amazing for about a month and it closed; seriously, I’m still upset, it was a location selling point for the house we rented. Anyway, I would have happily stopped in for a taco a day with my roomates who all would have subscribed too.

Click this and have a crazy couple of taco months or buy it for your kid who will take full advantage.

One could argue that there are too many great old Taco Bell commercials.

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