Pump Up The Volume 234/365

Pump Up The Volume rocked me as a child. No other movie stood there and said “Fuck your Parents, Fuck your Teachers, Fuck Society” better when I was sitting in that movie theater in North Olmsted, Ohio as an impressional 10 year old boy.

I saw boobs, angst and rebellion and it was glorious.

From that point on it has just been my favorite movie. When it came to video I rented it and rented it. And rented it. I don’t recall the first time I owned it but I have had it in many variations and still work to get my hands on any part of it I can.

Recently I came across a copy of the VHS screener and snagged it up because it was pretty cheap and super awesome to me.

You have to understand I saw this movie when I was was too little to understand it so I wanted to emulate it but since high school isn’t anything like that it was always out of grasps.

This movie showed me my first big screen boobs and my introduction to Lenard Cohen, The Beastie Boys, The Descendants, Henry Rollins and Bad Brains which brought on The MC5 and one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard; Wave of Mutilation by the Pixies.

I used a scene for a monologue to try out for a school play in 10th grade.

I just absolutely love the movie and want anything I can get my hands on.

My most random thing is a print ad about the theatical release and my normal piece is a VHS copy. But now I have a second copy, with it’s own preview and then ads for rental store owners to consider which VHS tapes they should try to sell and rent.

A few months back I found the original press kit hanging out on eBay and knew I had to have that too.

And in between those is a Laserdisc and the unopened cassette tape of the soundtrack. I’ve had the CD. In fact I probably still do somewhere but if I see an unopened one I’ll snag it. I’d like the vinyl though, I’ve never had that.

I’d really like the cardboard cut out the most. That is my Pump Up The Volume Holy Grail… No it’s not; that would be a copy of the script. No, the cutout.

I guess what I’m showcasing here is I only have Pump Up The Volume on VHS twice, Laserdisc, DVD, Digital, a sealed soundtrack, he press kit and a VCD; I’m still looking for more.

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