Demolition Man 12/365

There are a lot of movies I love and only a few I love with all my heart but Demolition Man is certainly one of them.

This brilliant piece of cinematic wonder was released on October 8th, 1993 and started off in the year 1996. Yes, three years from the movie release they had inaugurated a prison reform overhaul where criminals are “frozen” until a future date.

Our hero John Spartan, played by Sly is good cop who leaves a wave of destruction to bring down a criminal. After bringing in his arc nemesis Simon Phoenix, played by Wesley Snipes, he is charged for the deaths of civilians during the arrest and put in the freezer.

They are both woken up in the year 2032 to a world with penalties for swearing, contactless procreation, three seashells and the aftermath of the Franchise Wars.

Outside of the prison system three years in the future I have no complaints about this.

I ordered this movie off Pay Per View one day as a little kid and luckily recorded it. I proceeded to watch that tape thirty two thousand times.

I am very happy this part of the collection continues to grow.

Watch the trailer below and then buy it iTunes or get rad with a physical copy from eBay.

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