Purple People Eater 3/365

I found this Neil Patrick Harris vehicle watching the Disney Channel as a kid.

I definitely tapped it of the tv during the days when Disney only had commercials or bumpers for their own programing. I remember shows and movies ending at weird time because so many things are made for those breaks. It was the best days for that channel, Dumbo’s Circus, Welcome to Pooh’s Corner; just solid gold.

Much like with Just One of the Guys introduced me to the musical great James Brown; this movie showed me Little Richard and Chubby Checker. By the time I saw this movie which was originally released December 16, 1988 I knew who Screech was but The Doog had not received his doctorate yet. Thora Birch makes her acting debut and later babysit an ape and show her boobs to the neighbor boy. Her best claim to fame has to just be that she hung out with Christina Ricci while making Then & Now. Anyway, the great Ned Beatty is in this and he oddly enough has Deliverance as the credit on the back of the box.

Although this movie is standing strong at 59% on Rotten Tomatoes I can’t find it anywhere. Sure, you can find a bad dub on YouTube but nowhere else outside of physical media. I suggest you pony up the $5 to buy this off eBay and relive or be introduced to pure childhood glory.

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