Movies Reviews

Now that I’m back using this site and entertaining both of you with my antics I wanted to let you know to expect a lot of upcoming movie reviews.

I recently had a 3,000 button order to complete which means lots of staring at my computer screen while mindlessly making buttons. So I watch movies during every part.

Side Note: Now, I make movies while making buttons. Look out for the Making of Making of Buttons coming soon to a YouTube near you.

The movies I watched this round are

American Pie

American Beauty

American Sniper

Black Christmas


Blood feast

Jack Frost

Silent Night Deadly Night

I couldn’t decide what theme to go with. I debated on American or Horror so I went with both with an American Sniper transition.

Anyway, look out because they’re coming fast. Much like life, if you don’t stop to look around, you’ll miss it.


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