She remembered the first time she was struck with admiration for him, the boy, who had not yet become a man. Both naive and aloof, he’d yet to master the mind of a woman; and she, the girl, both clueless and adamant, in demanding that he let his guard down. An act he had yet to do. Regardless of the annoyance she found herself in awe of him, the quick flutters of her heart began to knock at her chest. She couldn’t help but release her lower lip, letting it moan and relish in it’s longing, having to bite it to put an end to its misery. Her dough eyes grew wide and her ears perked as she listened to him ramble on, he was so captivating the music in the background faded to white; he always knew every detail about every album and every artist they were listening to. While music had always been a steady and reliable constant in her life, it was clear to him music was everything; the amount of passion expelled out of his body caused her to get lost in the appeal of how the two of them touched the other. It was in that moment she knew, that was the kind of love she aspired for. She wanted to be touched in the same way, to have him look to her with eager eyes; to leave him with so much wonder, he found himself in pursuit to know everything he could about her. She longed to be a star in his eye, as it had become quite clear to her that the boy who wore the mask of a joker, was able to leave himself uncovered and bare his soul in the name of a song. Music was his true love, leaving her to look on and become riddled with envy, for having never known a love so profound.


©️ Heather Lynn Matthews

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