Different Voices

THE painstakingly created cover (pictured above) of a unique new international poetry book has been revealed for the first time today.

The cover, created by a Dutch graphic artist, shows the faces of the 20 diverse poets involved in this pioneering project in a torn and burned edge decoupage montage.

The poets, who come from 11 different countries, include a 32 year-old mum of four from Oregon, USA, a 16 year-old school student from Bangladesh, a lawyer from Delhi, India, and a 28 year-old nurse from the Philippines.

They are augmented by an English grandmother, a teenage cactus grower from Arizona, a novelist from Los Angeles and many more.

The project has been pulled together by former newspaper editor Nic Outterside, who is based in the UK and a young Indian author who lives in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Most of the writers have, until now, only seen their work published on social media.

Now, different voices is providing a professionally produced anthology of their poetry and prose for worldwide publication next month.

With just two weeks until the publication of the book on Monday, 9 April, its stunning cover is revealed.

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