Weigh In

So, I didn’t lose any weight this week. I can tell you all the ways I failed myself… my husband was home, so we were out and about for three days, stopping at food courts ect. The baby was fussy, I mean really fussy, she hasn’t been sleeping and just wants to be rocked. My three year old was trying and hard. I only worked out three times. Clearly I need to learn ways to cope with the challenges of life if i’m going to be successful at developing healthy habits, losing my weight, and having a healthy lifestyle. I also need to accept that sometimes this will happen, I need to stop being so hard on myself. The days I couldn’t work out, I found myself frustrated and angry, the days got ahead of me and I ran out of time. I am going to start working out after breakfast instead of in the afternoon, my four month old is usually more content to play independently after waking up and my three year old is usually less demanding. I need to start packing snacks when I go out, I have this problem where I get hangry, almost vicious. Admittedly I have ripped my husband a new one for no reason in my throws of hunger. He’s also a freak of nature and can eat every six hours and feel fine, if I wait even four I have a stomach ache and suffer headaches. So by the time we decide to eat, I am past the point of reasoning with myself and stuff my face. So yes, snacks.

Move of the Week

Alternating plank row leg raise – this is great. I usually start with a ten second plank, do ten of these, then 10 seconds of mountain climbers and turn this into a set. I repeat it 3 times. I have been throwing in 5 walk out pushups too, it really gets my heart rate up.

What I’m Eating

Steak and pepper eggs with guacamole

Broccoli and pepper stuffed chicken with asparagus

Sausage and shrimp with peppers and beans – this dish is frickin’ amazing.

How am I feeling

Honestly, pretty disappointment in my choices. But will work on adjusting my responses to certain situations and emotions. Next week will be better – could I lose 3 pounds?!


They’re exactly the same 👎

Well, until next week!

Keep at it everyone – Heather!

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