Weigh In

Down another 2 lbs from last week, keeping up a good pace and i’m feeling good about staying on track. I would like to keep it at 2-3 lbs per week as only losing 1 lb seems so slow and disappointing.

Move of the week

I haven’t used a kettlebell, although I think I’m going to go get one. I have been using dumbbells for this move and incorporate a single side shoulder press. I am crazy on my obliques, being short waisted and heavy chested it can look like I don’t even have a waist, so definition is important to me.

What am I eating?

Spicy chicken breast with guacamole and havarti. This meal is actually pretty calorie heavy. With the cheese about 500 😖 but it’s healthy and so filling. It’s a great post workout lunch!

Turkey meatloaf with veggies for supper. I need to work on my turkey meatloaf, it was subpar at best but i’ll master it… I’m determined. I feel like making it into a greek turkey meat loaf… will update.


Bicep 11″ Waist 34″ Hips 38″ Bust 41″ Chest 35 ” Thigh 22″

I have learnt why measurements are so important. In one month I’ve only lost 6 pounds BUT i’ve lost 16 inches! Amazing, it really puts into perspective how my body is changing and it helps keep me on course.

How am I feeling

Like I can do anything I put my mind to – Inspired

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