Good Time Gal

“Here comes trouble” they would say when she entered a room, causing her eyes to explode with a glimmer of rebellion and a mischievous smirk to escape out the side of her mouth. You couldn’t stop her, and that scared a lot of people away, but she didn’t mind, she was only there for a good time.

©️Heather Lynn Matthews

2 thoughts on “Good Time Gal

  1. Reblogged this on Notes and commented:
    Oh my! That’s exactly how I feel whenever I enter someplace new and its strange kind of air that resonates out of me to fill the room with. Its like whatever was there before me, it gets evaporated so easily and quickly the moment my being walks in. Even though its not always the case, but most of the time, it is. Whenever I asked people who accompanied me, they were mostly of the opinion that FIRST, I’m good looking and if that is not enough, I’m the most out-spoken person around. Sort of like an Alpha. I hate to be equated with Alphas but its strange that other Alphas (males or females) connect with me more easily if they are present. Anyways, thanks Heather for such a beautiful expression of a strange truth in my own life.

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