Weigh In

It can be hard to stay focused on the end results and my goals when the weights moving off so slow. I’ve been working out hard, 45 minutes a day. I ate better than last week, but still enjoyed a few naughty meals over the weekend. My husband and I had a busy two days with the kids and both got lazy, ordering take out ect.

What have I been eating? A lot of eggs, meat and vegetables. As I said in a previous post I’m not one to meal prep and I am really uninterested in “pretend carbs” … cauliflower this and that. I’m sure it’s lovely but it’ll make me miserable, trying to make the most of it. So eggs it is. I’m also a HUGE fan of bun-less burgers, those have been going over well with my husband too.

I know I haven’t lost really any weight but my body feels really good, i’m not bloated and my muscles feel tight, it’s a great feeling. Over the weekend I moved up to 8lb dumbbells and it’s made a huge impact on the workouts I’ve been doing, and I hope that will help bump me up to two pounds a week, instead of one.

I have to stop the snacking!

Here’s an example of a workout using 8lb dumbbells!

  • Left arm dumbbell swing x 10 (repeat 2 times) into left arm dumbbell swing into left arm tricep dip x 10 (only once) repeat for other side.
  • Side lunge into left shoulder press x 10 ( 3 times) repeat for other side
  • 10 left leg ski lunges with bicep curl x 10 (3 times)
  • 10 right leg ski lunges with hammer curl x10 (3 times)
  • 10 second plank into 10 second mountain climber into 10 pushups x3 ( only once)
  • Stretch

At the end of a workout i’m sweaty and tired so I feel successful. Once a week I workout to a video of choice from you tube and along with researching I’m enjoying deciding what goes into my circuits. Hopefully next week I see even better results!

Bicep 12′ Waist 36′ Hips 39′ Bust 42′ Chest 35′ Thigh 22′

In two weeks I’ve lost 2.5 pounds and 11 inches!

8 thoughts on “Weigh In

  1. They say you should snack, mid morning snack and mid afternoon snack to get your metabolism moving, it’s what you are snacking on that matters. I remember a time when I used to do the South Beach thing. Lots of cucumber slices, almonds, celery sticks, cottage cheese etc. I dropped the weight quickly. I need to go back to that. In any case, good for you for sticking to it. Thumbs up 🙂


    1. Thanks so much! I’m a terrible snacker, if you put a bag of chips in front of me i’ll eat the whole thing. I have been doing better though, and making better choices and hope the choices transition into better habits. 🙂

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      1. I’m the same way, I looooooove food specifically warm french bread dipped in dipping oil along side a glass of red wine. But at 42 years old I need to do better. So I try my hardest to watch what I put in my body, My problem is I do not like to exercise. I will walk for miles, and speed walking but I wont run or join a gym :/


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