Weigh In

172.8 lbs… small strides but after a week of half assed work i’ll accept it, at least I didn’t gain. I was half expecting to because I’ve still had some bad meals this week, like pizza and croissants! There was a moment between me and the frozen chicken nuggets Friday night. I kept making more… I ate about 12… Chicken nuggets have become a vice.

I’ve eaten pretty well though, tons of protein, vegetables and berries. I’m the worst at the whole balanced nutrition thing, i’m not one to count calories, follow diets or prep meals. I just try to eat as healthy as I can, I try and stay away from the middle of the grocery store, and stay away from sugar. I have become pretty strict about limiting refined carbohydrates though because after not eating them for awhile if I do, I bloat right up.

I made this awesome chicken and avocado salad this week. Such a filling and colourful meal you can feel good about eating. I added one slice of crumbled bacon because i’m naughty like that.


Chicken and Avocado Salad

– 1 skinless chicken thigh cooked with parsley, southwest spices and garlic, pulled apart then left to rest

– Combine 1 avocado, 1 roma tomato, handful of diced cucumbers, corn and green onion

– Add the bacon if your bad like me!

For the dressing I used olive oil and lemon and lime juices.

Mixed it all up, added some salt and pepper! Delish.

I’ve been working out 30 minutes plus a day, making sure to make time for stretching too. I’ve been using 5 Lb dumbbells and incorporating a lot of pauses and pulses at the end of each circuit. Compound movements are amazing and I find they get my heartrate up, fitting in some cardio too. A squat to shoulder press and tricep dip is a good example of what i’ve been doing, and packs a huge punch.

I need to work on lunges, I hate to admit it because I always thought it was one of the easiest moves, but in all honesty I can’t execute the move without tipping and can barely get my knee down to the floor. So, I’ve been making it my mission to rectify this. I’ve been going lunge crazy.

Next week I plan on having better results. I’m going to work out a little bit harder, but most importantly I need to lay off the nuggets…. and pizza… and pastry.

My measurements are down too, but i think that’s because I’m not bloated or retaining much water – one of the best perks of eating healthy and exercise.

Cheers! -H

Weight- 172.8 lbs Bicep- 13 Waist- 36 Hips- 41 Bust- 44 Chest-37 Thigh- 22

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