Weigh in

174 pounds. Saying that just takes my breath away. I’ve never weighed this much. It’s so much that I can feel parts of my body rubbing and pieces of my back bunching together when I bend certain ways. I am three months postpartum and I know what you’re thinking “You’ve just had a baby, relax, it takes time… yada yada.”

My first pregnancy I gained 55 pounds. I went from 150 to 205 but within 4 weeks of my cesarean I was 165, the weight went off quickly. I am naturally petite, about 5’3…i’ve always carried my weight up top… my chest, my back and my belly. In high school I was 140 and totally happy with that, I had some gushy parts but whatever, I’m easy going. I’ve had some up and downs since then.

I have Autoimmune Hepatitis, Hashimotos Disease and have had some trouble with PCOS but Metformin seemed to work wonders. There have been rounds of steroids, periods of sickness and chronic fatigue but for the most part I’ve been lucky and everything is well managed and under control. So while these issues may cause road blocks in my success my biggest problem is me and my love for all things bad. Junk, sugar, Mc Donalds, deep fried deliciousness.

With my last pregnancy I had just lost 20 pounds and weighed 140 when I found out. I was working out daily and eating very clean. A lot of raw food and protein. No dairy except for milk in my coffee, no refined sugar or carbs. After the first trimester I completely fell off the wagon, i’m talking daily donuts and big macs. I gained a whopping 70 pounds. I have to laugh and admit I was devastated at my 6 week postpartum check to find out that I had only lost 20 pounds.

I have managed to lose another 10 pounds since then but really need to step up my game. I did have another cesarean so my stomach is mangled and I am breastfeeding… my body holds onto fat while I breastfeed.

I am going to update every Wednesday from here on out, with measurements, what i’ve been eating and my work outs.

Today’s surprise work out was left by the plow. A mound of hard snow and ice for me to chip away at. It took an hour and I was sweating buckets! I’m still going to fit in my weights though!

Weight – 174 lbs Bicep – 13″ Waist – 38″ Hips – 41″ Bust – 44″ Chest – 38″ Thighs – 23″

Cheers! – H

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