“Old Enough To Know Better, Young Enough To Pretend”

10687012_10204904988248390_750542162689946331_nI’m sitting down in my lazyboy recliner with a three year old toddler just starting her afternoon nap on the couch. I’ve cleaned the house, done the dishes, vacuumed the upstairs, cleaned up the obnoxious amount of toys my daughter has, and finished a load of laundry. Also, hands and knees washed the floors from the landing on the stairs through the kitchen and into the back room because at least one of the dogs thought they should pee on the floor and walk around in it a few times. Anyway, I start a movie I can’t watch with the Wendy Lady; The Basketball Diaries, and I open up my computer.

That brings us to right now.


My name is Dave Ralph, I’m in my thirties and from Cleveland. I left for a few years to get a degree but came back with aspirations to deliver pizzas and sling drinks. I filmed strangers weddings and had some footage put on TLC, I started a business with a buddy where we placed bathroom attendants, I’ve even worked along Senators and other fancy people in suits to stop mountain top removal, and I was a lead role in saving the city of Cleveland from having a garbage incinerator in a public park area. All of these things have been done while I play with toys and watch movies from 90s. 


Before my time in college I was obviously younger; I went to high school, acted in plays and scribbled in notebooks. I found punk rock, fell into straight edge stuff and somehow was extremely into Jesus.
Before my parents divorce in 10th grade I lived a very cliche middle class suburban life. I went to church every Sunday and participated in all the vocal and bell choirs. My father sold things and mother worked at a bank. I’m very typical.

4905_1174139877585_2268122_nMy writings on here will fill in the blanks because I find myself so intriguing and will go in and out of my toy buying and selling, my collection of retro video games and plenty of #DadStuff along the way. Going through life with a kid, a wife, and a mortgage is kinda rough when you’re old enough to know better but young enough to pretend.

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