As long as I can remember I have wanted it to be October 21st, 2015. Not really as far back as I can remember but more like around when I was ten. About 1990 I watched Back To The Future in my awesome basement. My basement was my own personal living room. It was completely finished with all the amenities a kid could want for himself and his dog. Upon finishing the BTTF film my buddy Mike and I rode our bikes up the street to watch the sequel at the second tier $1 theater. (In the 90s you could see movies for nothing) Afterwards we rode our bikes back down towards our houses talking about the future and how amazing hover boards were going to be. We went past the neighborhood, through the old folks home and into Westwood Town Center a plaza that had everything; Erol’s Video, Marc’s Discount Store, Dollar Tree, a Movie Theater and McDonald’s. We bought up candy treats at Marc’s and headed in the theater to see Back To The Future 3. This was the first time I ever watched the greatest trilogy of all time in complete succession.

As you know today is the day Marty and Doc Brown head to the future to save Marty’s stupid kid from ruining the whole family(although really it’s Marty’s fault for the Rolls Royce accident). Because of this for the past 26 years I’ve vowed that by now I would have the hover board, but obviously that’s not really possible. As of today though I do have the piece of pink plastic known as the Back To The Future licensed Hover board. I have a watch and a usb charger styled after the Flux Capacitor, a phone case with OUTATIME on it, numerous DeLorean toys, carded figures and all the video games. The trilogy can be watched at my home on VHS, DVD, Blu Ray, Digital Download and even Laser Disc. I’ve gone as far as tattooing the DeLorean onto my arm.

Since I am a person filled with nostalgia I often find these coincidence times to think back about a different part of life. I try to think of little kid me and how I would feel about a situation. This is just one of those things my brain does, when I was little I thought the same way, what would older me think about this. When I was in my teen years and first started to come across drugs I passed simply for the thought of what am I suppose to tell my kids when they are in this position.

I pay my bills by working in a retro toy store filled with G.I. Joe, Transformers, Video Games and all the candy I should avoid. I have a very large collection of Nintendo and Super Nintendo video games, I own a house that looks like a barn with a hot ass wife* and a perfect little kid. Besides being a time traveling astronaut it’s everything a child could expect out of their own future. My life is coming out prefect right now and I think little kid me would be very proud.

I’m not trying to say I’m awesome or have the world by its balls all I’m saying is I’m kinda nuts for this movie and

“If You Put Your Mind To It You Can Accomplish Anything”

*I would never call my brilliant, beautiful, adorable, loving wife “hot ass” in a time other than being a little boy who simply didn’t know better. 🙂

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