Smash Brothers Nonsense

maxresdefault“For those of you who grow up with a Nintendo 64 or GameCube you know all about Super Smash Bros. The popular game takes character from popular Nintendo games and has them square off in a sort of battle royal. The game grew to immense popularity when it first came out and has showed no signs of slowing down.

The guys over at the YouTube channel SoKrispyMedia decided to take their Super Smash Bros fandom to a whole new level. They decided to make a live action version of it. Now this is been done before. The difference is these guys did almost the whole thing in first person and it is AMAZING!

The game which is played in third person perspective, gets a whole new feel in first person. Plus the graphics there guys were able to create are awesome. They do just enough, without doing too much, which makes you want more.”

Read All About It

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