Check Out This Putz

tumblr_nkd431T3RR1suxeeyo1_500We have all heard stories of men being pricks to women or horrible examples of ruthless CEO types and the lack of promotions but as a good dude I can honestly say it’s not all of us. In the words of AC Slater; “Don’t blame us by our worst specimen.”

A guy named Greg Richter who writes for some rag named NewsMax is not someone you can use as an example of all men. He’s the writer of this article and he seems like the worst. Let it be known I have never heard of this guy before about 5 minutes ago. I was trying to search the internet to see if Howard Stern has spoke about the GOP debate from the other night or not and I came across an awful piece of crap.

The article in question is a piece about how the writer is upset that Megyn Kelly of Fox “News” asked Donald Trump questions about how he says awful things about women and is it presidential. Greg took a major issue with it and wrote an article with the tune of women are the devil and they only put men down. His basis for this is that she talked sex on the Howard Stern show five years ago. I’m a big Stern fan and she definitely didn’t hold back but obviously one thing has nothing to do with the other. I also say this as someone who doesn’t care for her politics and I hate Fox “News”. (hence the quote marks) He claims that when Trump says a woman would look good on her knees, he meant begging for mercy; when Trump made a joke/comment about Ms. Kelly being on the rag he reiterated Trump’s nonsense that he meant blood from her ears.

The issue I have with this is that it comes from one of those guys who simply put, hates women. It’s got to feel kind of bizarre to argue a point like this; at one point this guy wasn’t a crazy person and took responsibility for his own actions, he didn’t think everyone else was against him when he was a child, he knew better.  Maybe it’s not women that are awful maybe it’s just him.


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