Tuesday’s Gone

6/16/15 − Every Monday and Tuesday since the day the wonderful #WendyLady was born I have been alone with her during the day. I have the days off but Mom doesn’t so it’s been great having a Dad Day with her. Today was the final Tuesday in our life together; she’s starting preschool next week.

Obviously we’ll have days off together again and most likely on a Tuesday too but it won’t be normal ever again. She’s growing up but that’s not the problem. Next week will mark the day her influences will no longer solely come from my wife and I. Our household watches its fair share of television but we don’t have live coverage, only what the AppleTV offers which has been great because commercials don’t inform Wendy of what she wants. With school she’ll learn what kind of fruit snacks are cool and which character from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is the best. Not because she came up with her own reasons but because someone had it on a backpack. I’m not saying my kid or any kid will just fall to what’s around them but instead it’s just that it will be available now.

I’m going to call all this first time Dad jitters and move on. I know she’ll make little friends to play with and she’ll learn things I could never teach her as a Dad. (plus I’ll have time to myself during the day which does not happen anymore)

On our last Tuesday together we decided to take a bike ride to the neighborhood park and be weird.

She tried to walk along this silly bridge until she quickly realized it was pointless.
Then we ran around an open field which become one of our favorite ways to kill off energy.
We even found this bizarre battlefield cannon.

Seriously, why is this at a school park? Anyway after all this she begged to get the mail and then we went back inside the air conditioned house for a nap.

Dave Ralph

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