What Time Is It? 4:30

spindoctors463990Blossom Music Center — “When I was a kid my older sister was making fun of me for being a child and said ‘Do you want to go see a concert tonight’, Of course I did. She then laughed at me that I can’t because I’m so little. My Mom then told her since she invited me, she had to take me. So on July 20th, 1993 I saw my first concert ever; The Spin Doctors, Soul Asylum, and The Screaming Trees. I have been made fun of many times for this event in my later years and I understand why but it was life changing. It was the first of many, many live shows. Below is a link to The Spin Doctors full set at Woodstock ’94 and a link to an article about the tour I saw and how dumb it was either of the other two bands weren’t the headliner.

For the record, Soul Asylum is still awesome”

Woodstock Show



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