For No Reason At All I’ve Been Watching The American Pie Movies.

I had a lot of buttons to make for a wedding in Missouri tonight so as I punched ’em I watched the first American Pie. The first one came out at the end of my senior year of high school and I truly love it.
This got me thinking about the time in college where I snuck into a movie theater because it was a too hot of a day to not be in air conditioning and watched the Wedding Sequel. But what was the second one?
Anyway I grabbed the rest of them online to watch.
The second is a decline from the first but you’ll have that.
I’m currently about half way through the third one and it’s awful. It’s not horrendous but it’s missing a bunch of characters. Apparently I’ve only seen the second once because I completely forgot about it but the third is the one not memorable.
I’ll update you after the picture of the fourth one. I can only assume it’s the second best.

Dave Ralph


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