Know What You’re Holding


As a cartridge collector I have had a hell of a time keeping track of the thousands of video game titles in my collection. I’ve looked for many ways and at times had to deal with a simple pencil and paper to know what I owned while searching a garage sale. In fact I’m still on that system when it comes to Nintendo Power issues.

Well, the point is I found the perfect way; it’s available on the iTunes app store and it’s called “System” Collector. I started off with NES Collector and moved onto buying all of them besides the Game/Watch one. They have NES, SNES, N64, Genesis, Master System, 32X, Dream Cast, Game Boy, Color, Advance, 2600, & PS1. In this app you have a complete list of games and even an option to add your own. Under each game you have the cover art, rarity number, and the general nerd price range; along with the eBay average. At this point you can click that you own the Cart, Manual, Box and each one saves to an online database that you can share for trades. The information you apply then sets up a “Trophy Room” that you can see your top 20 rare or priced games. One of the best parts is it lets you know the total worth of your games and how many you have left to finish up.

My one complaint is the system itself and all of the extras are not represented. I want to know how many controllers I have and the different types, do I currently have a 4Score or just an adapter. When you collect a bunch of lines with this many accessories you forget what you have. It’s not that big of deal because as I said you’re able to add anything you want to the list but it doesn’t add to the Trophy Room.

Dave Ralph

For the record, I totally want a Wii U, check out my collection if you feel like having a trade.

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