Taking Care Of Your Games

I posted this picture

20140202-130249.jpg to my Instagram account and captioned it with “don’t ever do this”.

Someone asked if I was making a blow job joke or if they really shouldn’t ever blow on the game. I answered them and now I will spell it out on here incase you don’t know.

Never blow on your games to get them working again. Never! When you blow out of your mouth little bits of spit come out and get on your games. This spit will corrode the pins that connect the game to the system. I understand it makes the game work for a little bit but if you don’t do it, you won’t need to.

If you want to fix your old games you’ll need to pick up some Emory Paper. It’s about $2 – 3 bucks for a sheet of it. It’s a larger piece than you’ll going to need because this stuff is for cleaning Cooper pipes. Just cut it into stripes that will fit in the bottom of the cartridge. Take the paper and run it along the pins in the game. It will scrap up the pins and break off the corrosion. If you have a can of air you can use that to get rid of any left overs.

If you really want to go the distance you can pick up a screw driver with a small star bit to open up the game and do the same to a larger area but it isn’t necessary. It’s worth it, but you don’t need to do it.

Dave Ralph

One Reply to “Taking Care Of Your Games”

  1. Agreed on not blowing on the cartridges! We use a little brass cleaner (I think it’s called Brasso) on a q-tip to clean the pins, which also works very well. We only ever apply it once, usually right when we buy a nasty old used cartridge, and then we never need to use it again because it works fine.

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