Taking On The World


I love Super Mario Brothers. It’s my favorite video game of all time. I’ve played it well past my days of childhood effort and three liters of grocery store soda pop. One evening in my early twenties an old NES was hooked up on a tiny tv in a house I was hanging out at. I decided to play Mario until I died; I finished the game. I’m not saying beating the game without dying is some amazing feat but I was impressed. Since then I mastered the art of not dying.

From that point on anytime I played the game I just ran through. I enjoy playing simple games and beating myself at them so Mario was perfect for it. That’s when I wondered if other people did the same thing. That’s where I ran into a YouTube clip of some guy doing it in under five and a half minutes. From there I quickly gave up the idea I could be the best. But I’ve continued to play and enjoyed every Koopa and Fireball Browser had thrown at me.

That was until now. I came across the world record on Wikipedia; 4m58s. If someone could beat the five and a half time I could take out the fiver. So it’s on.

Check back here for updates and/or follow along on Instagram and Twitter.

Dave Ralph

O, and Luigi is my dude so I’m going to smash it with him. #SuperLuigi


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