To The Child Of The 80s

201110_truffleshuffle1“Being born in 1981, I always saw the retrospective 1970’s as a downbeat period for a child to have grown up in. Sure, it had disco, Dirty Harry, and a cool collection of American rock bands, but it’s difficult to escape the depressing sixties hangover feel which defines it; when a disillusioned young lost all direction, whilst wearing flared trousers and tank tops.

 The 1990’s I view as a more grown-up, introspective version of the 1970’s; an era defined by the self-deprecation of grunge music, reality based indie flicks, paranoid conspiracy theorists, and Bill Clinton’s cigar. While a generation of incredible artistic merit, it also took itself far too serious; feeding its children a bland diet of mashed potato without any sausages, and only a glass of water for liquid refreshment. A time for thought perhaps, but leaving very little left for fun.

Of course, In their own ways all postcards of history have value, and those offended by my summaries of either, feel free to explain their awesomeness in the comments section. Nonetheless, the point of this article is to explain why, in my view, there was no better time to be young, then the middle-child of these decades; the 1980’s. A decade which – while adults may view as a self-absorbed and ego-driven time; loaded in nuclear terror, greed, and riots – which primarily, it was. When it came to being a child of the 1980’s? None of this registered nor mattered, and life, absolutely rocked! For an 80’s kid, everything was awesome…”

— Lee Gunnell

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