Where Is The Breakfast Club Now

breakfastclub-benderHUGHES HIGH — “While they are likely to argue otherwise, every last generation of history’s teenager is universally the same. The haircuts may change, forms of rebellion vary, and interests appear different, but ultimately, ages 13-19 are an angst ridden period of hormonal volcanoes, inability to secure social and personal acceptance, and the naive knowledge we have the game of life all figured out; when in reality, barely knowing our arses from our elbows…

For those unaware, quintessential 1980’s movie, ‘The Breakfast Club’ is based around the Saturday detention of five American High-School students, each appearing as diverse as the last; a brain, an athlete, a criminal, a princess, and a basket-case. What follows is a ninety-minute breaking down of the walls of stereotype; eventually making the gang realize they share a common bond via the desperation to fit in, while retaining their true selves, coupled with a disdain of the parents they have no intention of becoming, but aware they probably will.

Like all John Hughes movies, the simple premise blankets a host of complicated social and ethical viewpoints underneath. It also contains the core element of goodness lost in the confusion of life; something I feel grew too dark, once the gritty subversion of independent 90’s cinema took over. Almost three decades later, and with the gang now middle-aged, I sit here asking myself a simple question: while certain Richard ‘The Teacher’ Vernon (Paul Gleason) now rests in a small but respectable retirement home, and Carl ‘The Janitor’ Reed (John Kapelos), still works in Sherman High School; clearing the kids garbage, reading their mail, and still wishing he were John Lennon. Whatever happened to those wild-eyed members of The Breakfast Club? Here is what I think…”

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