Sugar High: gotta have it, really need it to get by

Rory-Cochrane-Empire-RecordsMEMORY LANE — “On Wednesday I turned the frightful age of 33. I believe I now have an upper hand in beating out Jesus in at least one category. For my birthday I went to my favorite childhood restaurant (Gene’s Place) with my parents, wife, and daughter. I then proceeded to get drunk with my friends at a local bar.

None of this is however important besides that it was my birthday. Why is that important? Because I was given $80 bones in iTunes money. If you don’t already know, I think iTunes is the greatest thing in the world for someone who likes to collect movies. (learn why) So I spent these last few days trying to pick out the perfect flicks.

Recently iTunes put some killer titles up for sale. One of those was my first purchase. Groundhogs Day; the mystical adventure of Bill Murray that needs no introduction. It was a perfect addition to my collection. Next up for the picking was Hook. I doubt I watch this movie straight through over and over but I loved it as a kid, I have a very vivid memory of seeing it in the theater with my Dad and I love everything Peter Pan so why not.

The Wizard was purchased because I’ve been waiting and waiting to spend money on it. I don’t spend more than $9.99 on a movie (that’s not brand new) so I had to wait for a sale or gift card. I watched it right away and it was still perfect. Fred Savage did a lot for my childhood, this and Little Monsters are the bees knees. If you pay any attention to this site or my store you know I love Nintendo and this masterpiece is probably a large reason for that.
From there I picked up Elvira: Mistress of the Dark. Strictly for good karma. You can’t collect movies without one starring Elvira.

As I was starting to run out of money I knew I had to get something for everyone in my house to enjoy. So I grabbed The Simpsons season 1. I know The Simpsons are overplayed on syndication these days but I don’t have TV, so there. Season 1 will always be special not only for the spot on writing but simply for those end of the 80s memories I’m always trying to sort out in my head.

I assume on my list of newly purchased films the one most people don’t know is Mr. Destiny. This 1990 Jim Belushi movie is awesome. It’s the kind of 2hr distraction you found around 2pm on a Saturday on local channels. It was a stereotypical “guy wishes for a better life/finds out his life was already good” movie. It’s nothing special and I’m barely recommending it to you but for me it was great. It kind of bummed me out while I re-watched it because the main character was 35 in the movie and I remember thinking he was so old. A mere 2 years away from my current age.

Finally I ended my iTunes party with a classic movie I recall watching on my 16th birthday. A movie I got detention for in 10th grade for suggesting we watch on the bus ride to snowboarding when I was in Ski Club. The perfect “I’m into music and the 90s” movie; Empire Records. If you haven’t seen it, go get it right now. That is of course if you’re rad. I’m not going to talk about it because you should already know all about it. But I will say that Rory Cochrane may not be a household name but anyone who had the type of killer roles as he did in both this and Dazed & Confused can feel good about their career.”

Dave Ralph

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