Zeros & Ones

photo 2-1GREEN SCREEN — “I just download The Matrix trilogy from iTunes for $10 bones. I tend to pick up a movie every week or two but have recently slowed down in an attempt to save more money. Plus, Netflix is amazing, they have there shit on lock down. I understand that many of the movies I own are on Netflix but many aren’t. I for one don’t want to be left without a copy of Steal This Movie or Pete’s Dragon.

I collect movies from iTunes rather than a physical copy because I feel it will be cheaper in the long run. Apple isn’t going away anytime soon and once you buy and pay for something then it’s yours. For keeps. As HD continues to get better, I will continue to have a perfect copy; one that will not scratch or get lost. It is the last time I need to buy a copy of Back To The Future.

Anyway I write about each of my purchases because movies are important and everyone loves a review. Right?

The Matrix Trilogy…

The first installment from the Wachowski Siblings is a wonderfully awesome movie from the 90s. It brings Keanu Reeves and Cowboy Curtis (Larry Fishburne) together to fight for good against Agent Smith, Joe Pantoliano and other future myths. It shows us a dirty futuristic present while teaching the viewer about god complexes and foreshadowing. The next two aren’t really anything to write home about. The second one is still fun but the third is completely forgettable, really, I don’t recall the plot at all.

The Matrix caused mass hysteria in the suburbs once someone decided to blame the movie and Marilyn Manson for the Columbine disaster. In fact my ultra square high school wasn’t going to allow me to walk during graduation because my hair was dyed black. My hair for the record has been most colors of the rainbow and was dyed not for The Trench Coat Mafia but to match my tux at prom. These parental rants & raves help put this movie at the top of the charts, like they usually do. PMRC anyone?

The first one usually costs $14.99 to buy, which is crazy talk. I debated on sale weeks (iTunes has sales starting on Tuesdays) to pick it up for $9.99 but have always found a better selection, like say The Jerk. However this week’s special sale category was bundles. Like Jurassic Park or the Dogtown movies, the prices vary but this set was only $9.99. I really couldn’t pass it up. I’ll get bored through the second one and I’ll probably only put the third on to sleep but why not grab all three; I’ve always enjoyed these movies and their nonsense.

If you’re a college student or a dude living in his parents basement I suggest you find the best moik you can and turn the lights off. It’s time to watch all three Matrix movies in a row.”

Dave Ralph

UPDATE: I went to check on buying another movie bundle (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and saw the prices have changed. The Matrix is up to $17.99, not so bad, but not 10 clams.

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