Scariest God Damn Thing In The Whole

murders-crime-scene3:15 — “In the 1970s a nutcase murdered his whole family. A few years later a new family moved into the house and created a story filled with Ghosts & Goblins. They wrote their whole nonsense down in a book and it sold like hotcakes (which apparently sell fast). From that point on it was known as The Amityville Horror. After they made it into a movie it took on a life of it’s own. It also had numerous sequels and a horrible remake.

When I was a child I saw the original movie and was scared out of my mind. One thing that makes the movie so good is that they don’t really ever show you a ghost, your imagination is what scares you. When I was a in High School I read the book and although I was almost a grown up I still put the book outside of my room every night because of how frightened I was.

Obviously the ghost stories are fake but the original murders are real. While playing on the internet I ran across a really cool article on this topic. So read it too.”

Dave Ralph

Read All About It

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