The King Of Rock And Roll

PeteREIGN OVER ME — “Pete Townshend has issued an apology after he swore at a 7-year-old girl during his performance of ‘Quadrophenia’ in Hamilton, Ontario on Feb. 19.

Video footage from the concert shows just how unimpressed the 67-year-old musician was when the young fan held up a sign that read, ‘Smash Your Guitar, Pete!’ The former The Who guitarist did not take the demand to demonstrate his signature move lightly, and slammed both the girl and her father from stage.

‘Go away with that sign please, just go away with it,’ Townshend said. ‘Don’t bring your children [or] use them. I want to tell you two words but I can’t because you’ve got a child there.’ While he didn’t say it aloud, he clearly mouthed the words, ‘fuck off’ in their direction.”

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