Owner Sells What He Most Likely Complained About At First

new banksy sewing boyOBJECTION — “A mural by famed street artist Banksy is up for sale at a Miami auction house after the work, and a chunk of the North London wall it was spray-painted on, vanished late last week.

Who owns the mural is unclear, and how it ended up in a Miami auction house shortly after going missing is still a mystery.

Frederic Thut, owner of Fine Art Auctions Miami, which is selling the piece, said his firm has done “all necessary due diligence” to establish the ownership of the work.

‘Unfortunately we’re not able to provide any information by law and contract about the details of this consignment,’ he said.

The mural was painted on a building occupied by Poundland Stores, a British retailer that sells various items for only a pound. The work, titled ‘Banksy: Slave Labor,’ shows a young boy kneeling at a sewing machine with Union Jack bunting.”

— Zachary Fagenson

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