A Classic 90s Satanic Story of Love & Forgiveness

stay_tuned_ver2“Each week I pick a movie or a TV season from iTunes and I buy it. Your best bet for finding a good deal on iTunes is to wait for the ‘new’ releases every Tuesday. Most weeks they put together some sort of section, for example they had one for Valentine’s Day. Here you could buy all sorts of awful movies in HD for a sale price of $9.99. But I wasn’t waiting for tomorrow. I’ve been waiting for the week to begin because of how badly I wanted to relive the satanic 90s classic Stay Tuned starring John Ritter, Pam Dawber, and Ferris Beuller’s principal. You see two weeks ago iTunes was selling all 4 Die Hard movies for $29.99 so I had to take a week off as to not go over board with my movie buying.

If you have never seen Stay Tuned I highly suggest you pick it up. The HD version is kind of steep at $17.99 but the standard one is $9.99 and having been from 1992, I wouldn’t want it to look too clean and polished. Of course iTunes allows you to rent their movies for around $3 or $4 bucks but why not just pay the couple extra clams and own it.

This movie follows the life of Roy & Helen Knable who have a marriage on the rocks and blah, blah. Their love life is not what is important here. The story goes Roy is way too into TV and good ol’ Lucifer is also, so Satan has a television network to collect souls. People who are wasting their lives get a free TV upgrade and when they are fixing their satellite dishes they get sucked into a TV Hell where shows are parodied. If they can live in this channel to channel life for 24 hours you’ll get sent back to Earth. This of course is not what Beelzebub wants, he enjoys the viewing pain.

The reason this movie is fantastic is because if you grew up in the 90s you know how important TV was at the time. Cable was blowing up and satellite dishes were the future. With the obnoxious amount of channels everyone in America was dealing with TV shows were a dime a dozen. Much like they are today but by now we are use to the garbage. The moral of this story is to get off your butt and live your life, don’t fall into the boob tube or it could ruin you.

What sets this movie up for classic replay value are the TV shows they parody. You see Wayne’s Underworld, Northern Overexposure, Three Men and Rosemary’s Baby and even a fun game show called You Can’t Win. Let it be known Ritter does play Jack Tripper at one point. It really is awesome for an hour and a half especially when Eugene Levy shows up.

All in all as a fan of bad movies I give this one a 3.5 out of 5. I would have preferred to only pay about $7.99 for it but what’s two bucks.”

Dave Ralph

Watch The Trailer

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