They Should Take The KKK’s Babies Away

kkk-marchjpg-4db46ab8f62a7905MORONVILLE — “On Tuesday the Memphis City Council passed a resolution to rename three Confederate-themed public parks in Memphis, including one named after the first Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. Confederate Park is now known as Memphis Park, Jefferson Davis Park is henceforth Mississippi River Park and Nathan Bedford Forrest Park — named after the Confederate Army lieutenant general and KKK leader — is now Health Sciences Park.

The City Council measure was a preemptive action against what Councilman Shea Flinn called, ‘the ironic war of aggression from our northern neighbor in Nashville.’ The day before, the state legislature introduced the ‘Tennessee Heritage Protection Act of 2013,’ which, if approved, will prevent renaming and alteration of Tennessee statues, monuments, or memorials erected in honor of the Civil War (or, in the bill’s language, ‘the War Between the States’).”

Keith Thomson, Writer

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