A Wave Of Mutilation

57091742_cd24b093f7_zGREAT NORTHERN PLAZA — “When I was growing up and looking to find new music I did one of two things; read the liner notes from an album I already enjoyed to see what bands were thanked or from soundtracks. Most of the time while watching a movie I would run into a song I didn’t know but instantly liked. This would bring me to finding the soundtrack or watching the end credits to decypher who it was. Now don’t get me wrong, most soundtracks as a whole are busted but once you find your tune you should always get the album to see what else was happening in the studio.

When I was only ten my older sister took me to see the movie Pump Up The Volume in the movie theater and I can honestly say it changed my life. A lot of memories fade or simply do not exist anymore but this one is special, I recall the theater, the smell, the feel, the whole thing. If you have seen this movie you know it is nothing more than a teen angst film from 1990 but being ten meant all the problems in the movie for the kids were real. It was the first time I heard “adult situations” or even saw boobs on the big screen. This story is about a teenager who moved to Arizona with his family and was an outcast, a loner. He created a radio station from a short wave radio and broadcast his problems with the school, other students, and of course adults. He was doing this under the fake name Happy Harry Hard-on. (I didn’t get it) Now as the character wonderfully played by Jack Nic…Christian Slater he had listened to music I had never heard on my parents random radio stations. This is where the main life changing took place.

If it was not for this movie I never would have heard Sonic Youth, Soundgarden, The Pixies, Leonard Cohen, Henry Rollins, or Bad Brains. As much as I love The Pixies and their soundtrack song is still my favorite by the band it was the Bad Brains cover that really did me in for the future. They covered along with Henry Rollins on vocals an MC5 song, ‘Kick Out The Jams’.

The MC5 will go down as one of my favorites until the end of time. They helped shape me into being political and standing out when needed. But at the time this cover had me looking for Bad Brains, in the early 90s it wasn’t as easy as simply googling a name and finding track listings. You had to find the right place; which in Cleveland, Ohio was Chris’s Warped Records or your friends older siblings record stash.

Although I think the top two are soundtracks and liner notes, other peoples stash is right next to them for finding your newest fix. How did you find music?”

Dave Ralph

Kick Out The Jams – Bad Brains with Henry Rollins

One Reply to “A Wave Of Mutilation”

  1. I’m obsessed with Pump Up The Volume – one of my all-time favorite and most quoted movies. And it got me into listening to Leonard Cohen. All the music in the movie was great.

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