We’re Not The First, I Hope We’re Not The Last

DC — “One of the greatest bands in all of time is Minor Threat. It’s just that simple. If you understand music, not just as noises that are pleasing to your ears but as an expression of the times and tribulations in a culture then you already know the power of this band.

Minor Threat is fronted by a man named Ian MacKaye who later went on to to create Fugazi. A more mainstream band that you may have heard on the radio. (here is a fun cover) During the time between 1981-1983 Minor Threat ripped apart the D.C. punk and hardcore scene. They had an energy that showed off the music, the words and the feelings of a time. Ian MacKaye is the man behind the Straight Edge movement but don’t judge him for that. He wasn’t trying to start the movement that it has become. My friends and I think we may have seen him drink a beer once in 1997 at The Agora in Cleveland, we argued for days about that. I know now that he was not but it’s a gas to me to think it matters. If you follow this link, you will see a very funny clip of Ian not enjoying an interview he is doing.

Anyway, I am not here to explain Minor Threat to you. If you love this scene then there are two things I want to show you. The first is a KickStarter movie that you should get excited for, it’s past the time to pay to be a part of it but you can still support it. The second thing is much more exciting for the lover of history and collector of the fantastic, Jeff Nelson (drummer of Minor Threat) is selling some of the extras from his archives. On here you can find original show flyers and early pressings of their records. Mr. Nelson is a great screen printer with a wonderful political side so there is even more to search through.

Anyway, that’s all.”

Dave Ralph

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