Ghosts and My Anniversary

CLEVELAND — “I was married to my wonderful Wife on Halloween afternoon in 2008 in a courthouse dressed as if we were getting married in the 30s and running off to war. This past holiday was our 4th anniversary and I booked us a room at The Rider’s Inn in Painsville, Ohio. I made sure we had room 11 which is the room that the original owner has stayed in since 1812.

There is a lot of history with this house since that day. It was a stagecoach house for a quick stop off from New York when heading west, it safe housed people during slavery, it was the spot President Garfield kept his mistresses, bootleggers used it during prohibition and during the depression it closed it’s doors for a few years. During this time however, a hobo moved in and started renting the rooms out to other people down on their luck. The rules were simple then, put your bunk on top of the bed so no one would know you were there and if you hear someone hid under the bed. They were never caught either. The information came to light when one of these people came back in the 70s to stay the night the proper way.

Suzanne's Dress
Suzanne’s Dress

The original owner was a woman named Suzanne, she was a wealthy land owner when she was married and built this home for her new husband and herself. She didn’t get to stay with him too long because he killed her. He used her money and then sold off the property. She has decided to stay there. The owner tells us that she likes woman and usually makes herself know to them. She is suppose to be a nice woman who helps out when things go wrong. One story I heard was a couple came late to the Inn to stay the night and began banging on the door. The owners didn’t hear and continued sleeping. A woman came down and opened the door for them and pointed upstairs. The next morning the owners were confused and realized that since no one else was staying that night it must have been Suzanne.

In the morning when we woke up and went downstairs for breakfast we spoke with the owner about the ghosts recent activities. The owner said on the night before we stayed there (the night of Hurricane Sandy) that an original shutter had blown off the house and she started to hear her name being called throughout the home, which she followed, until she came upon it. The owner really pushes that she is a helpful spirit.

Of course there are no such things as ghosts and that is why we did not see or hear a thing; but the room was fantastic. We just had an evening where we stayed at a 200 year old house with tons of amazing history. My Wife and I love horror movies and ghost stuff so we do things like this whenever we can. For our second anniversary we went to Salem, Mass for the weekend and stayed off at a house in PA with the same kind of history. It’s just fun, childish stuff to do. Besides a bed and breakfast is better than any hotel and if you can stay at a “haunted” one it’s that much better for story telling.”

Dave Ralph

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