Submitted For The Approval Of The Midnight Society

CLEVELAND — “It’s weird to me that people aren’t scared of the dark once the 1st of November happens. I know we condition ourselves to only enjoy the fear that Halloween brings us but there is more out there. Anytime of day or night, during any season can be frightening. Halloween shouldn’t be the end of fright but the start. People say the line between the living and dead is thinner on All Hallow’s Eve but the thing is; any day where the night is longer than the day, the line is thinner.

When I was a little kid I was deeply afraid of Freddy Krueger, like most of us were. At one point in my childhood my sister told me not to be scared because he isn’t real. I’m not sure if I didn’t understand or what exactly made her tell me that it was a robot on screen instead of an actor but that’s what I was told and thought. The fear left me, the knifed guy wasn’t a thing to me anymore. Then one day after school, Robert England was on the Oprah Show and the fear came flying back.

The pinnacle of all this was in the 4th grade. This was already a bad enough time for me. Every piece of shit I went to school with hated me and tormented me each and every day. I later failed this grade, or as my Mom would say, ‘held back’. So things in my little noggin weren’t working perfectly anyway but then I had the dream…


I dreamt one night that I was friends with Freddy Krueger and we would hang out all the time. (I want to stress I remember this dream perfectly from 20 some years later) My backyard and neighbors backyard met at a little wooded area, this was real, but in my dream it was where Freddy and I hung out. One day he said he was going to kill off a neighborhood kid and I wasn’t happy with it. I told him no, that this kid was my friend. We started to argue and Freddy punched me in the face. This is the moment I woke up. I woke up with a bloody nose, NO JOKE. Let me remind you that Fred Krueger is the god damn Dream Master. This is the most scared I have ever been in my life and it was at the end of the school year, sometime around April or May.

The season and the time isn’t what is scary, believing is what is bone chilling. I do not believe in ghosts or other scary things these days but I will tell you that I wake up at 3:15 am four out of seven days a week. This is horrifying if you have ever seen the original Amityville Horror.”

Dave Ralph

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