Gay Smay?

They’re just being kids

CLEVELAND — “When I was growing up during my middle school days my friends and I would call each other gay or faggot. One day (oddly enough) at church my friend called me gay or something of the sort and the minister sat us down and asked why that was being used as a bad thing. Since we were at church, I figured the right answer was God doesn’t like them so it’s wrong. He then explained to us that nowhere in the bible does it say such a thing and that God loved everyone. He went through the parts of the bible that people feel are against homosexuality and he disproved them.

I never actually had bad feelings toward any people it was just a word like dork or loser to me, and at that time I didn’t understand that that was the problem.

In my high school years I was often called gay or a faggot again but by assholes not friends. My friends and I were into punk rock and looked different, we all know the age old riff between “the Jocks and the Rock n Rollers” so trouble with words were had. Well at this time in the end of the 90s Pop Punk really started to take off with bands like Green Day and Blink 182. These bands used these words almost in a Lenny Bruce type way. They wanted to take the word back. (look into Lenny Bruce on the word Nigger) One of Blink 182’s early tapes was on the label “Fags in the Wilderness”. It was as if we didn’t care if that’s what was said about us because we didn’t have a thing against gay people.

Over the years I have completely taken those words out of my vocabulary and it’s a good thing. I don’t think I need to express to anyone that being gay is a born situation without a choice and if they want to get hitched then by all means go for it so I won’t. : ) The reason I’m saying this is because I want to know your transformation into taking this word out of your thoughts or if you never even used them…or why you still do.

Let me know in the comments.”

Dave Ralph

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