Back To The Future Is A Better Trilogy

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LAKEWOOD — “Although I do not like Star Wars, (I know, I know) I think these transfers are super cool. This book is from 1977, when the original movie came out. Each page is a different image to be put onto a shirt or bag, or really anything that’s cloth. As you can see R2 doesn’t really make a shirt, he makes more of a smock.

The price is set at $75 plus a few bucks for shipping with confirmation. The original price was marked at $6.95, again in 1977. There are 16 different iron-on transfers in this book. All of the pages are intact and in good condition. I have decided not to tear this book apart and sell 16 classic Star Wars shirts because frankly I don’t know if they will take. Since these were made for anyone to transfer with a house hold iron, I don’t know if they will hold up. Also over the past 35 years the ink has bleed a bit. This is the normal wear and tear on something of this age.

This is a great gift for anyone who loves Star Wars or T-Shirts or Crafts or Fun…you get the point.”

Dave Ralph

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