Steve Martin is God

LAKEWOOD — “Exactly two years ago today I saw my favorite living person live. I saw Steve Martin. -correction, I saw Steve Martin do King Tut.

I’ve seen a lot of acts in my day. Some I shouldn’t have been able to accounting my age. I’ve seen The Stones, heckled Bruce Springsteen and although I was born in 1980 I was back stage security for Alice Cooper.

The way I see it, if it’s stood the test of time, it can’t be that bad.

I went to Art School in Pittsburgh during the early 2000’s. There I met a lifelong friend named Mat. He and I have lived together, seen some of the greatest musicians of all time together (The Who, twice) and will now be having children at the same time. But in the year 2010, I got wind in Cleveland that Steve Martin was playing a small college venue in the tiny street town of Shippensburg, PA. Once I gave Mat a call it was a done deal. We each drove up to this town with our ladies and stayed at the same hotel because there was only one.

Before we went to the show we met in my hotel room and the girls met each other. I got small and then off we went to be entertained by the greatest entertainer of my time.

As a collector of posters of shows I’ve seen, I knew I would be buying the sheet of paper at any cost but when I saw a price tag of $30 I thought I might pass. That’s when I noticed that they were all signed. I don’t really care about an autograph, especially one I didn’t obtain, but I felt good knowing he touched my poster.

The time spent after the show was all of us laughing and telling embarrassing stories until the night concluded with Mat and I wandering the hotel scream whispering “Steve, Steve”.

I Love You Steve Martin. and I Thank You.”

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