Team U.S.A

BROOKPARK — I’m sitting in the car dealership right now waiting for them to fix what the previous owner did to my wife’s car and watching a man violently finish his bag of Cheetos because his car is ready to go. I am also watching with more care to the two televisions in the waiting room. Each one is set on the same channel but it’s almost as if someone paused one channel for a moment then unpaused it right away. It’s off enough to know if Michael Phelps would have received that 8th medal last time first.

I’m telling you this because my surroundings always play a part in my mood and I’m going to write about how I love the Olympics more than most things. One reason is because I am against violence, I can’t see the point. Don’t get me wrong here, if I saw a person kick a puppy I would become very violent but I feel that’s because when you see something so horrific you just go on straight animal aggression. Being against violence may be why I love these events so much. It’s the entire world fighting without death. It’s not a battle of who has the best resources to get items that kill, it’s a battle of who puts the most on the line to say “I love being an …” (I use “an” and not “a” because I’m an American) We all know certain countries have financial and economic strengths over others but it’s the power you get by just competing that really means the most.

We’ve all made jokes or comments about how awful it would be to wake up three hours before school to go swim or tumble on mats only to do it again after class but it seems that is all worth it once you get to wave that flag in front of a billion people.

Maybe this is just me, maybe I think these games are more important than you do but by the time these few weeks are over I promise you will cheer on Team U.S.A. like you didn’t expect too.

I’ve watched Michael Phelps make history, The Mighty Ducks win for America at the Goodwill Games, that tiny little girl do a flip and land on her foot, I’ve made fun of crazy coaches and I won’t stop this time around either. I’ll watch all the live coverage I can while my wife continues to create my child. A child that will watch America dominate the summer games in the year 2016.

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