The Newest Freebie

— If you ever buy anything from Etsy or from most small time shops on the internet you have probably received free gifts in your packaging. Now a days everyone is trying to create the newest or most interesting box for their product. I see where these people are coming from but I would prefer the package spark a memory rather than take five minutes to open. That’s why I give away a bunch of old “5 & Dime” Toys. Every single package receives a hand full of super fun treats. I will not be posting pictures of the freebies on here because I feel half the fun is the surprise but they’re awesome. Some past and even a few present “5 & Dimes’ are original Beetlejuice stickers, Sticky Eyeballs, Army Men, 60s Beach Balls, Magic Tricks and so many more radical items of yesterday.

I want you to remember my product as much as the next guy so I’m always on the lookout for awesome packaging left over from the past. The newest and the one I am currently using are Bread Bags from 1966 that are endorsed by Superman. Check out the pictures below and go buy a shirt to receive the bag. Any shirt will do, even a thrift store shirt.

Radical packaging getting a new life 46 years later.

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