Darkman 2 102/365

This is not a Raimi and I don't care about it but I plan to own all three so.

Tony Hawk Rides Again

I picked up the deluxe remaster of this game the moment I could so I could get the demo level and plays as soon as possible. Awesomely it came with a few outfits but most importantly The Ripper. I used my create-a-skater to rally through this game like the good old days of the PS2 on my PS4 but now that I got my hands on the PS5 it was time to take on each level of THPS2. Clearly the best way to show my love and support of the Bones Brigade is use The Ripper

The Angel & Daniel Johnston 101/365

Watch this beautiful man explode with creativity on this fine Sunday morning.

The Devil and Daniel Johnston 100/365

Would you look at that. 100 days of this movie nonsense done. I hope you've enjoyed it so far. In honor of a milestone here is part of the story that is Daniel Johnston, a true American artist.

Hollywood Bloopers 99/365

This is from my weird and boring side of the collection. The type of tape that is bought new for $29.99 at a roadside Cracker Barrel and enjoyed in an R.V..

Happy Rex Manning Day

If you did not know the reason for the date of 4/8 is because today is the anniversary of the day Kurt Cobain was found. The writers of the movie wanted to showcase a washed up pop star on the day the grunge mascot died.

Look Who’s Talking Too 98/365

This is an example of one of those titles you own simply because it was a free movie or one you get in a lot.

Purple People Eater 97/365

Did no one in the art department think giving Ned Beatty a Deliverance credit for this children's movie inspired by Little Richard was a weird idea?

The Expendables Trilogy 96/365

It's like two for Tuesday but instead, it's three.

The Quick and the Dead 95/365

If only this movie had a cameo by Brisco County, Jr.