Sit Back and Relax

Dude. Just hit PLAY. You want a hint to make sure you should hit PLAY... ...T.U.R.T.L.E. Power

Cootie Queen or Lint Licker?

Listen here Lint Lickers, you buy Trident and you buy it out of respect for this commercial.

Dead Rising PT. 1

I was playing around on the PS store the other day because I'm entirely too excited for the new PS5. As I'm looking around I see Dead Rising for $5 so I hop on it. Here is the start of my trip down memory lane.

THOH is Coming in Tapped Out

The update is coming. So here’s a little Simpsons Dump.

Welcome Back Springfielders

The Simpsons are coming back on 9/27 for the first episode of season 32. Season 32. I love it all and hope they never stop so here’s another Simpsons dump.

It’s Just So Relatable

I Couldn’t Understand Something More

It’s Saturday Morning!

Turn on and tune in.

Simpsons Time

It’s that special time again.

Dennis the Menace: Dinosaur Hunter

When I was a kid I didn’t really have friends so I retreated to my basement for most hours of the day. If it was the summer I wouldn’t leave the basement besides to eat or use the bathroom. I had a tv, vcr, nintendo and my dog Toby. Here we watched countless movies and acted them out. We would rewrite scenes and create them. (one of Toby’s favorite characters was Snarf from Thundercats) But that’s not the point. The point of this post is to discuss Dennis the Menace Dinosaur Hunter.

Dave Ralph Pro Sitter 5

I’ve been working from home because of the health scare and I decided to upgrade a few things to make everything work perfectly for the company...